About Us

Barbie Stylez was created with the intention to fulfill many females most memorable and magical childhood memories. At an early childhood stage of our lives, many of us "girls" minds started to develop through imagination. Through barbies, we were able to create the pretty and perfect barbie world we aspired to live as in our future lives. Amazingly, we felt that as barbies  "We could be anything."  Just a little over a decade later, we either left those wonderful memories behind, or came to realize life is not as pretty and perfect as we had it all pictured. With this in mind, we decided to create a variety of collections that can allow us to perhaps not make the world perfect, but bring back enough of that magic that can assist us in improving our self esteem through fashion. We really hope to encourage all age females to remember that as barbies we could be anything and to keep that magic within us growing so that we can expand that childhood character in order to continue to become whatever we want to be.