Our Impact

How many of us ladies remember the amazing and exciting memories we were able to create through childhood play? One of my favorite past times was playing with dolls and barbies, whether I'd be playing alone or with a group of friends or sisters. Why? Because as we've most know, as barbies "We Could be Anything" and wow wasn't that amazing? Fast-forward less than a decade later, we start coming to the realization that being anything comes more with a challenge than we expected. With this in mind, Barbie Stylez was created. Our mission here is to continue to inspire Women to know that no matter what age, race or size we are, we can overcome challenges and continue to pursue whatever it is we want to become in life through confidence from within and out. Our Slogan here at Barbie Stylez is "If you are aiming for perfection, be yourself. If you are looking for perfection, shop with Stylez", meaning that if you learn to accept and love yourself for who you are, you will be happy. Being happy will allow you to find success in almost anything you accomplish. Now, if you love yourself, you will know that it is important to care for yourself in all aspects. Here at Barbie Stylez we assist you in looking good while also feeling good through fashion. As a loving and supportive customer to us, you can also help us help other women learn to love themselves and continue to expand this chain of reaction. How do we do this? For every purchase made through our store, $3.00 off your purchase will be donated to Beauty Redefined. Who's this? Beauty Redefined is a non-profit organization that engages in helping girls and women recognize and reject the harmful effects of objectification in their lives through their significant social media reach, online Body Image Resilience course and facilitator program for dietitians and therapists. Like us, Beauty Redefined centers on the truth that positive body image isn’t believing your body looks good, it’s knowing your body is good, regardless of how it looks. So please go ahead spread your love and show your support to other women in need of confidence growth. By shopping with us, you can make a difference.